Friday, 12 July 2013

Daddy & Daughter lunch @ Foley's

The good weather is such a shock to the system this week! As I've never been away anywhere foreign, I am really not used to feeling like I'm walking through extremely warm quicksand. How and ever, as much as I would love to sit in the shade with one of these (minus the fun, straight edge for me!) all day, the housework had to be done and appointments had to be kept.

Last week I went to get my results of the aspiration I received a month or so ago. Although I didn't get good news, I've decided to just keep the chin(s) up and get on with things because life throws these things at you and well, you can lie down and cry or just get on with it, the later is what I am doing. I was a little upset and shocked that day, but on the way home the Father thought it would be nice to go get some lunch at his local hangout (this is where he hides out when he's supposed to be working *cough cough*) This is a wee quaint thatch cottage called Foley's in the village of Castlebellingham. They make hearty Irish dinners, full Irish breakfasts and yummy desserts and if that didn't get you going, they have the most amazing antique shop at the back of the tea room! In fact, I spent most of our lunch drooling over antlers for our antler wall in the front room. Here are some photos from Foley's!

So quaint, so beautiful

Itty bitty tea set

Love this, but Himself says NO!

These Apple Sauce heads totally freak me out, can't understand why though..

I NEED these for my front room!!

Want this for my kitch-en!

Bye bye little tea room!


  1. Looks a gorgeous place to visit or hang out!I always stop if I see a place like this as they are worth supporting and the countryside would be so much poorer and boring without them!I hope the health issues are improving?

  2. Isn't it just adorable?! Sometimes it's worth staying off the motorways to find a little gem.