Sunday, 24 February 2013

Flaming class!

My love affair with Flamingos started when I was only a wee teenager. I remember sitting watching a David Attenborough documentary with my Dad. It sticks with me because I had PTSD after watching it (drama?) One of the Flamingos was going about his business, grazing in the thing he knows..he's stuck! The sun had dried out the mud and he was pretty much cemented in. The camera crew just sat there and filmed his demise. I was soooooo upset :( Later that year I bought a 3ft tall wooden Flamingo and named him Roger. He was supposed to come as a pair but I could only afford one..I was heartbroken again. Haha I'm such a sado! Anyway, I adorned my home with Flamingos from then on. Recently, while trying to sort a mood board for my "ROOM OF DOOOOOOOM!!" (The spare room) I found this absolutely class wallpaper from Cole & Sons. I'm not 100% sure of what kind of price range a roll is, I'd take a guess it's around 40euro.

Here's a little collage I made....

  • Wallpaper is Cole & Sons
  • Paint swatch is Tumbleweed Marble from Colour Trend
  • Pictures are from Google image search
My idea for the spare room was to paint the reclaimed old wooden floors and skirting a nice bright glossy white to help reflect some light into the room as it is west facing. I thought the off white, warm tones of the Tumbleweed Marble would warm up the white gloss so it won't have a sterile look. I really think the mink/grey coloured wallpaper would finish off the room. :-)

Any suggestions welcome!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Weddings Day

Later this year I will be bridesmaid at my sisters wedding. Though I'm so happy for her taking the plunge, right now all I can think of is WHAT IF. Yes, the "what ifs" that come with having panic attacks. While trying to use everything I have learned in Mindful meditation to stay relaxed, I have been trying to help Shaz plan her wedding. Let me just say, I don't have patience. Nope, not a bit! After manys a chat about colour schemes, flowers, dresses and all of that fun, I thought she had set her mind on what she wanted. Then.. she changed her mind. Yet again, she picked what she wanted.. yet again, she changed her mind. I know, I know, it's her special day and she wants everything her own way to make it the best day of her life, I'm good with that.. BUT.. get back to me when you have everything picked, set in stone, in fact, send me everything I need on the day and point me in the direction. Haha
Somehow, I feel I should have been a man.

Anyhoodle, here is a little mood board I came up with for the bridesmaids.

The dress is from designer Jim Hjelm and is stocked by Frilly Frocks in Drogheda. The shoes are from Love Label (I've already purchased them, they were 15euros, bargin!) at Littlewoods. The hair-do and bouquet are from boards on Pinterest

Sunday, 17 February 2013


My name is Caroline and I'm a hoarder.

I noticed a trend lately in upcycling, I think it's thanks to Pinterest. As I have an interest in hoarding (It's an interest not a compulsion, right?) I've decided to start painting the old timey/vintage bits and pieces I've picked up over the years. As much as I appreciate the contemporary look interiors, it's not me.. my home was built in the 1860's, it's a very small terrace house, quite pokey. I think up-cycling suits the old-fashioned feel of the house. Recently I went to a vintage furniture painting class, it's a method of using a specialised chalk paint (named so because of the finish) and while I thoroughly enjoyed the class, the paint itself was quite expensive. (Annie Slone chalk paint) After alot of searching on the webs, I finally found a great recipe for homemade chalk paint, it's so simple and you can use left over paint from other projects. The Annie Slone wax is a reasonable price so you could still used the dark wax over this paint to give it the shabby chic look!

Chalk paint recipe;

1/2 cup of Plaster of Paris (cup = American baking cup measure)
1/2 cup of luke warm water
1 1/2 cups of paint

Use an old tin or plastic container that you are willing to throw away. Mix the warm water and plaster of paris, stirring out all of the lumps. Pour that mixture into the 1 1/2 cups of paint and mix super well. Wait until the mixture has cooled before painting your item.

Thursday, 14 February 2013


Normally I wouldn't be one to celebrate the Hallmark holiday known as Valentine's Day. I don't remember if I was always unromantic or it's just because Alan and myself have been together for so long.
At Christmas we hit the 7 year itch and even though we knew how much we loved each other, complacency had crept in. Anyway, we decided to fight hard for each other and managed to get most things sorted in our relationship. (Unfortunately there are still a few wee things we can't change, but that's out of our hands at the moment) It kind of feels since we got back together that we are back at the honeymoon period, which is making the relationship exciting again. So this year, we decided to make the effort and try to be romantic.
I made him a card and bought him some heart shaped chocolates (this makes me cringe, but I'm trying!) and he is taking the day off work so we can get dressed up and go out for dinner.
We don't often get a chance to go to occasions where you have to dress up, as Himself works most weekends, but tomorrow I've decided to make the effort and put on something swanky.

Here is a peak of what I will be wearing;

The dress is the Ruth Contrast Dress from Although it looks quite clingy and I'm a well rounded woman, the dress compliments the curves. (I wore it to a wedding in July and it was perfect, very classy!) The bag I have for this outfit is similar to this one from the BooHoo website, mine I purchased in a thrift store. The shoes in this picture are also available over at BooHoo, though my own were purchased in Penneys. To jazz this outfit up a bit (it's the rock chick in me!) I have a black leather biker jacket.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

A first for 2013

Ok, so I was inspired to start a blog again after having one from 1998 until 2005. You know how times change and so do you, well with one thing or another it fell by the ways side. After reading so many great blogs out there (over 2012) I am totally inspired to start blogging again. I didn't want to box myself in with one topic, i.e fashion blogging (I'm no Gok Wan!) as I have so many interests, so this blog, I'm hoping (we'll see how it goes!) will have a bit of everything from interiors to allotments :-)