Sunday, 24 February 2013

Flaming class!

My love affair with Flamingos started when I was only a wee teenager. I remember sitting watching a David Attenborough documentary with my Dad. It sticks with me because I had PTSD after watching it (drama?) One of the Flamingos was going about his business, grazing in the thing he knows..he's stuck! The sun had dried out the mud and he was pretty much cemented in. The camera crew just sat there and filmed his demise. I was soooooo upset :( Later that year I bought a 3ft tall wooden Flamingo and named him Roger. He was supposed to come as a pair but I could only afford one..I was heartbroken again. Haha I'm such a sado! Anyway, I adorned my home with Flamingos from then on. Recently, while trying to sort a mood board for my "ROOM OF DOOOOOOOM!!" (The spare room) I found this absolutely class wallpaper from Cole & Sons. I'm not 100% sure of what kind of price range a roll is, I'd take a guess it's around 40euro.

Here's a little collage I made....

  • Wallpaper is Cole & Sons
  • Paint swatch is Tumbleweed Marble from Colour Trend
  • Pictures are from Google image search
My idea for the spare room was to paint the reclaimed old wooden floors and skirting a nice bright glossy white to help reflect some light into the room as it is west facing. I thought the off white, warm tones of the Tumbleweed Marble would warm up the white gloss so it won't have a sterile look. I really think the mink/grey coloured wallpaper would finish off the room. :-)

Any suggestions welcome!

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  1. I really hope you bought this paper - it sounds like it was made for you!