Thursday, 14 February 2013


Normally I wouldn't be one to celebrate the Hallmark holiday known as Valentine's Day. I don't remember if I was always unromantic or it's just because Alan and myself have been together for so long.
At Christmas we hit the 7 year itch and even though we knew how much we loved each other, complacency had crept in. Anyway, we decided to fight hard for each other and managed to get most things sorted in our relationship. (Unfortunately there are still a few wee things we can't change, but that's out of our hands at the moment) It kind of feels since we got back together that we are back at the honeymoon period, which is making the relationship exciting again. So this year, we decided to make the effort and try to be romantic.
I made him a card and bought him some heart shaped chocolates (this makes me cringe, but I'm trying!) and he is taking the day off work so we can get dressed up and go out for dinner.
We don't often get a chance to go to occasions where you have to dress up, as Himself works most weekends, but tomorrow I've decided to make the effort and put on something swanky.

Here is a peak of what I will be wearing;

The dress is the Ruth Contrast Dress from Although it looks quite clingy and I'm a well rounded woman, the dress compliments the curves. (I wore it to a wedding in July and it was perfect, very classy!) The bag I have for this outfit is similar to this one from the BooHoo website, mine I purchased in a thrift store. The shoes in this picture are also available over at BooHoo, though my own were purchased in Penneys. To jazz this outfit up a bit (it's the rock chick in me!) I have a black leather biker jacket.

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